On June 12, Andrew and Kaylissa welcomed a new baby girl into their family. After being induced on Tuesday evening, Emilia Jane was born at 6:54 am at Licking Memorial Hospital.

Based on Kaylissa’s track record of laboring for 48 hours, everybody was pleasantly surprised when this little one arrived so quickly!

I received the call from Andrew at 6:30 am that Kaylissa had gone from 5.5 cm to 7.5 in a matter of minutes. I arrived at the hospital at 6:45- just in time to capture her arrival! Knowing how important these birth photo were to this mom, I am so thankful that I was able to be there to document her arrival.

It seemed like everything had gone perfectly for this birth. But, after mom was moved to postpartum, things took a slight turn. While Kaylissa was up brushing her teeth, she began to feel lightheaded and her heart was beating extremely fast. She told Andrew that she did not feel right and turned on the call light. When the nurse arrived they discovered that her heart rate was at 232 bpm! They called for the Dr. and he determined that she was in SVT.

Soon, the room was flooded with about 15 people, all working to get an IV in and give her the medication that she needed to get that heart rate down. Kaylissa said that when they brought in the crash cart and put the pads on her, anxiety sank in and she became very emotional. She looked to see her husband in the corner, holding their new baby, and all he could do was stand and watch this happen.

By the time that they got her IV in, her heart rate converted on its own. After a multitude of tests, they are not sure what happened. Every test came back normal.

Kaylissa and Andrew are so grateful that the God they serve, was with them during all of this. He kept his hand on her and for this they are very thankful!

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