This couple was married at the beautiful TCB Farm in Lancaster, Ohio. This venue has a barn that has been restored to use as a wedding venue- I loved how the stalls were converted into dressing areas for the bride and groom!

The ceremony was held outdoors beside a small grove of trees and a stream. The wedding party entered the scene through double doors then down the aisle to meet in front of the stream. It was so perfect! But I didn’t expect anything less for this couple.

The officiant was also the father of the Groom and my uncle. He did a wonderful job performing the ceremony. His sons, who were some of the Groomsmen, had a wager going to see how long it took before Dad choked up. I think he made it somewhere around nine minutes!

Brooke and Camron had been dating for about 5 years and they have the sweetest love story. When I asked Brooke about how Camron proposed, this is what she said to me:

“Camron was traveling a lot for work, so we didn’t get to see each other very often. One day, he sent me $200 and told me to buy myself a dress and to get my nails done because he wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant when he got back. He made reservations at The Barn on Rocky Fork at 7pm on October 17th, which just happened to be his moms birthday. I told Camron that we should bring her with us to celebrate her birthday and he said that she already had other dinner plans.”

“He picked me up 2 hours before we needed to be there and I questioned why we needed to leave so early. He didn’t really have a good answer, so at this point I was a little suspicious. When we got there, they sat us in the very back corner and I didn’t think anything of it.”

“The entire time I was thinking to myself, maybe he’s going to propose. We finished eating our dinner and he asked for our check and I felt my heart sink because I thought that this would have been the perfect night. About that time, he started to slide out of the booth and popped the question- of course I said yes!”

“I turned around and there stood my parents, his mom and my sister. It felt like a dream! It took about an hour before it finally sunk in that I was marrying the love of my life.”

That is their story.

What’s your story?

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