It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day when I drove out to photograph the Angeletti family! I had never been to their home and was pleased to find a gorgeous stone house.

Nadja asked me to photograph the family on the front porch, but I told her that I was concerned about the direct sunlight and went to search for a shaded area.

We found a spot and Nadja and her daughter, Sha, went to work to set up everything that we needed. I was amazed how they worked so well together placing pumpkins, mums, wheelbarrows and crates! As they set up, I was told the story of their home…

About two years ago, they were given an opportunity to buy this home. But the best part is that this was the home that Mao had lived in as a child. And the stone pathway leading to the porch was laid by Mao. He gathered the stones from the river, carried them home and created the path that his children and grandchildren walk on today.

So guess what we did? We took that family photo on the front porch! We gathered Mao and Nadja, their children and their grandchildren and set up their family photo. Sure the lighting was not what I wanted but that is not what it is all about. It’s about the story. And this is a story that I had to share!

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