Jaxon Allen entered the world surrounded by people who love him, have prayed for him and have anxiously awaited his arrival.

Lacie and Justin have so much to be thankful for. However, their birth story is one that has many trials and many emotions.

Before they had Jaxon, they suffered a loss that so many couples face. The loss of a baby. To go from being excited about the arrival of a new baby, to an ache that is beyond words, is a pain that you don’t think that you can survive. It was very difficult for them but their faith in God helped them through the grief, pain and even anger.

On the due date of their baby, who they lovingly call Poppy, they found out that they were expecting Jaxon. They were beyond thrilled! But anyone who has suffered a loss of a child understands the fear that tries to take over the excitement. But instead of giving in to this fear, Lacie and Justin held to their faith. Lacie had a prayer cloth that she took to every single doctor appointment. She even pinned it to her gown while in labor!

On the day of his arrival, this sweet couple was surrounded by friends and family.  The labor nurse was her cousin and the babys nurse was her sister-in-law!

Things progressed rather quickly, but when it came time to push she stalled a little. Jaxons heart rate increased and would not come down.  I could see the concern on the nurses face and hear the tremble in her voice. The doctor wanted to do a c-section but Lacie did not want to do that. Her nurse convinced the doctor to wait and we prayed.

That faith that helped Lacie and Justin through everthing- gave Lacie the strength to deliver Jaxon. He was welcomed into the world with his family praying for him and rejoicing in a God who supplies all our needs!


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  1. Beautiful! Brought me to tears! I am so very happy for the both of you Lacie! I can not wait to meet Jaxon he is absolutely adorable! 💙

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