This year, for the very first time, I entered a photo contest called Shoot and Share. Let me just tell you…. I was a little nervous!  You simply submit your photos.  No names are shown with the submitted photo- every photo is judged on its own merit. And did I mention that there were about 450,000 photos submitted?

I had no idea which photos to choose! I could enter up to 50 photos in 25 categories, so I just began going through my sessions and choosing MY favorites.

No one knew who took the photos, but everyone voted for the winners. The photos with the most votes won!  I ended up with four badges in four different catagories! I could not have accomplished this without my amazing friends who trust me to photograph their beautiful stories!

Here are my top photos!


I was thrilled that this photo finished in the top 30 percent! It ranked number 3,228 out of 14,426.


This one finished in the top 30 percent also. It ranked number 3,890 out of 14,733.



Then, there was this one! It finished in the top 20 percent! It ranked number 5,595 out of 29,560.


Last, is my biggest winner! It placed in the top 10 percent! It ranked number 799 out of 29,460.

I had several photos that finished in the 40 and 50 percent range. And some that did not do so well! This contest was a great experience for me! I learned so much from some pretty amazing photographers. And I will definitely submit again next year!

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