March 24, 2018 was a beautiful day for a wedding! It was a little chilly but that did not keep this bride from getting those outside photos that she wanted!
Angela is one of the sweetest women that I have ever met. As you can see in her photos, she has a genuine smile and such a beautiful spirit! I love how her eyes light up when she is talking to Spencer!
I knew Spencer when he was a small boy. In fact, I taught him in Sunday School! He was always such a kind-hearted child and he has grown into a wonderful man. I loved having this opportunity to photograph this day for them.
I was talking to Angela and Spencer about how they met- here is their story:
“We met working together doing our passion, working with individuals with disabilities. We both noticed each other, but were friends for over a year before that friendship grew into a relationship. As our love grew for each other, we began to talk about marriage and our future together.
In the fall of 2017, Spencer called me and told me that his family was gathering to take family photos. I arrived unaware of what was about to take place. As Spencer and I were walking around at the pumpkin patch, I noticed two pumpkins with the words “Marry me”. Spencer knelt down and of course I said “Yes!”
When I asked Angela what she was looking forward to most on her wedding day she told me “calling Spencer my husband!”.
And I know without a doubt that would be Spencer’s answer also!















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