I  have known Sam since she was about three years old, I think. She grew up in my church and was friends with my oldest daughter. She met a guy who was in the military. They married and moved out-of-state for a while, but are now back home. I have always loved this “girl”. She has such a sweet spirit! So when she asked me to do family photos for her, I was more than happy to do it!

We booked her session in the middle of monsoon season in Ohio! It must have rained everyday for weeks! We had to reschedule once because of the rain and was able to catch an hour in between storms but man was it humid!

The session went so well.  Although, Andy let me know that he was only  doing this for Sam! I really admire that he was willing to do this for her. He realized how much it meant to her and just did it! That is what a man does!

And little Miss Ryleigh! I don’t think the poor thing knew how to take me! But she was as sweet as her momma and just as cute!

I really enjoyed photographing this family! They were so much fun and their portraits tell that story!


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