Nick and Bri met with me in Granville for a family photo session. I have photographed their three children for years and it is so fun watching them grow up in front of my camera. Oh. My. Gosh! They have grown up so quickly!

We decided to meet at Infirmary Mound Park in Granville, Ohio. I knew that Bri wanted summertime photos and we would be able to get that look for her at this park. They have beautiful open fields and wildflowers. Also, there is plenty of room for the young children to move and a playground for them to enjoy they are finished with their session.

Sometimes it can be difficult to wrangle three young children and get them to cooperate all at the same time. But I have learned to be patient, give them room to move, and take lots of photos! Because sometimes you just have to do a face swap in Photoshop!

The Hancock kids honestly did very well and we were able to capture some beautiful family memories.

Looking to freeze those precious family moments in time? A family photo session offers an unforgettable opportunity to capture the love, joy, and bond that makes your family unique. From candid shots to beautifully posed portraits, I am dedicated to creating a visual story that you’ll cherish for generations to come. Ready to book your next family session? Let’s do it!

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