When a new child is born, nothing is ever the same. Life for a parent and even grandparent is forever marked by this moment, and time is now measured in two halves: before and after the birth. I know this is true of my own life, and I can’t help but remember that the world itself is measured by a baby born in Bethlehem. 

This is probably why I love sessions like these so much, not just because of the photography tactics I get to use, but because of the moments in people’s lives we get to capture together. 

Meet Jaycee – the first little girl born to Justin and Lacie (which is where her name comes from Justin + Lacie = Jaycee).

This little blessing was a joy to shoot, and a personal joy for me, as I also had the privilege of doing a newborn session of her older brother Jaxon when he was born. 

We met at my studio for the session and were able to capture the pure innocence of Jaycie and the clear love her parents and big brother have for her. The looks Jaxon gave his new baby sister were precious: he will be such a good big brother. 

We can’t wait to see Jaycee blossom – but I’m sure Justin and Lacie will soak up these moments, as they don’t last long. Luckily we were able to capture a few for them. 

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