The word balance is defined as a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. This hit home with me as I thought about how unbalanced I let things in my life become. Not all the time. But sometimes. And I can tell when things are off by my attitude or how I feel.

Finding balance comes from giving time and energy to the things that will build me up and give me life. And likewise, eliminating the things that bring me down and stress me out! As I thought about this, I was reminded how important it is to live a balanced life. Living a balanced life means determining what is most important and focusing my time and energy accordingly.

There are so many things in my life I have labeled important and worthy of my time. But if I am honest, I will realize that they are not. I need to stop over-scheduling and over-committing. I need to begin eliminating things from my life that really aren’t important. When my life is over complicated and overfull, there’s little space for what truly matters.

The things that truly matter to me are my relationship with my God and my family. When I over-commit myself, these are the things that get pushed to the back burner and cause things to be off balance. I find that I don’t have time to pray or read God’s word. Or I get all stressed out because the kids or husband need me to do something or even just to talk to them, and I have 500 other things that have to be done.

By choosing what comes first, sometimes there are sacrifices. But living a balanced life doesn’t require me to give 100 percent of myself- 100 percent of the time! There will be times when things collide but by knowing what’s most important to me and making choices based on this, I will be better able to live that life of balance that I was intended to live.

Today I’m participating in a blog loop with some of my dear friends. To see how we all interpreted the word BALANCE, head over to Moment’s by Suzi and follow the loop until you end up back here. Happy reading!

4 Comments on “Balance

  1. Oh so very true Shawna! And how easy is it to let those most important things in our lives slide. You have captured the essence of balance! Thank you.


  2. I love how you photograph this word and enjoy reading your words. What you said ring true to my heart as well. In this month, I have learned to let something go so that I have room for more meaningful things in my life and boy, does that feel good??!!!


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