As I stumble through this journey as a photographer, I find myself pulled into the lives of the people that I photograph. I’m constantly striving to tell their stories the way they are viewed through my lens: authentic and unfiltered.
If it’s the birth of a child, I look for the details that will take the parents back to specific moments in time. I watch the clock tracking the long hours of labor, the offering of an encouraging hand from a soon father-to-be, the tired faces gathered in anticipation of the new arrival, and the looks of complete adoration on every face when the baby takes it’s first breath.
At a family session, I look for distinct personalities between siblings who don’t have time for photos and the facial expressions on mom, because nobody is cooperating. These are the moments that we want to remember, even if they feel full of dysfunction and chaos!
Life doesn’t solely consist of events and parties. At the end of it all, what we will want to remember are the moments that make up our stories. The embraces. The stolen glances. The raw, unfiltered love of a family. All moments, first and last.

What’s your story?


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